I am Molly Adell Bochanyin.

I am crazy, fun, and quite unpredictable.

Design Past

2003-2008 - In 2003, I was first introduced to the world of graphic design, or graphic arts as we called it. A quarter of my year was spent in a graphic arts class. After having a taste of it in middle school, I decided to continue with the course in high school. Throughout my four years in high school, working in a dark room, screen printing, and running an offset press I fell in love.

2008-2012 - I continued to persue my love of design by attending Drake University. I recently received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. Along with my Graphic Design degree, I have also achieved a minor in Drawing and had the privilege of taking countless painting, printmaking, and sculpture courses while at Drake.


I was born there. I was raised there. I love every aspect.


My one true love. I hurdled in high school and one year in college. I no longer hurdle, but it is forever in my heart. I am constantly drawn to the track. The sight of a hurdle makes my heart ache.


I started ballet at the age of three. I dropped out of organized dance classes at the age of twelve, but you will often find me dancing, in any odd assortment of locations.


I don't know why but I seem to have a fascination with feet and shoes. I have done numerous projects that entail some aspect and am currently pursuing another. High heels are my weakness.


I am a snorter. As a result of a close family friend, I picked up constantly snorting when I laugh. Sometimes people will count my snorts.